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What was supposed to be a party night - the audience at the stadium again - and four strong teams up two final places in the new cup tournament Metal Speedway League 4, ended in one of the worst scandals in recent times for Vojens Speedway Center.

After only 3 heats, the match was canceled because the hard track started to create flakes and tracks, which are dangerous in the fast-paced speedway sport. This is similar to when a field of cyclists hits railway tracks for trams in a stage of the Tour de France, or rain holes in the asphalt!

Esbjerg Vikings lost Mathias Nielsen in heat two, after an ugly crash, and he was taken by ambulance to Aabenraa Hospital after examinations. The episode created fierce debate among many drivers and team leaders in the pits.

SES- Sønderjylland Elite Speedways drivers were ready to resume the match, while several profiles from Esbjerg, Slangerup and Grindsted wanted the match canceled and postponed.

After a long track service, referee Poul Erik Nielsen, NERI, started the match again, but a new crash, this time Slangerup's Andreas Lyager, was the sad end.

- It was ultimately my heavy decision, because the safety of the drivers comes first, said judge Poul Erik Nielsen.

Race organizer Jacob Olsen was shattered after the blowout.

- It's the worst night of my entire speedway life. I'm just so sorry on behalf of the audience and all of our collaborators. Of course, I respect the judge's decision, but did not agree. There was too much anarchy in the pit, and this nightmare requires some reworking.

At the time of writing, it is unknown how the cup tournament will be conducted. One possibility is a new semi-final on 16 June, and possibly a final at Skt. His evening, Wednesday, June 23rd.

At Moldow Arena, Funen's Fjelsted won with 43 points over the home team Holsted 37, Region Varde 28 and Nordjyske Elite Speedway with 23.

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