Ole Olsen hands over life's work to eldest son


The 46-year-old Jacob Olsen takes over the Vojens Speedway Center with great visions for the re-creation of the Danish speedway mecca.

After 14 years as co-owner of the Design Bikes chain, Jacob Olsen has chosen to return to the speedway.

- I think this is the right time and my heart has always burned for the sport. At the same time, I see many opportunities, both for Vojens Speedway Center, but also to make a difference for Danish speedway as a whole, says Jacob Olsen, who as a son of Ulla and Ole Olsen was born into the sport. He became a speedway driver himself since becoming a coach and regularly works as a TV commentator.

It is planned that Vojens will have a team in the Danish Super League from 2020, but also that in the future Vojens Speedway Center can offer events other than speedway.

- The center can easily accommodate different initiatives, such as courses for business or cultural events and concerts, says Jacob Olsen.

Vojens Speedway Center, which opened on September 21, 1975 with 38,000 crowds and traffic chaos on the South Jutland roads, has not had major activities in the last few years

- It's no secret that the plant needs an upgrade, says Ole Olsen, who now looks forward to following the development from the sidelines.

- I am relieved and very proud that a solution has now been found for the future. It's not because Jacob is my son, but I hardly believe there are others in the kingdom who can handle the big task that awaits. Jacob has a huge drive and a great network. At the same time, he is passionate about the sport and capable of building the right team around him.

Ole Olsen does not let go of the speedway sport altogether, as he continues to build one-time courses for the World Cup Grand Prix series at the stadiums where there is no permanent course. A very unique process, which Olsen and the company Speedsport have now completed 63 times at large stadiums around the globe.

In Vojens, Jacob Olsen will take over operations 100% in his new company Speed1way from January 1, 2019. The next months will be about start-up and establishment and with special focus on Saturday, September 7, when the Danish section of the World Cup Grand Prix series will return returned to Vojens after several years in the Park in Copenhagen and most recently at the CASA Arena in Horsens.

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