1. Who is the youngest individual world champion in speedway history.

a) Tai Woffinden b) Michael Lee c) Peter Craven

2. Who became number 4 at DM 2020 in Vojens.

a) Mads Korneliussen b) Leon Madsen c) Rasmus Jensen

3. How many Danish drivers have won gold in team WC.

a) 23 b) 20 c) 17

4. Where does the British team "Bees" come from

a) Coventry b) Swindon c) Manchester

5. Where does the Swedish team “Smederna” have their home ground.

a) Kumla b) Målilla c) Eskilstuna

6. Who grace not to win a Speedway Grand Prix.

a) Mark Loram b) Scott Nicholls c) Martin Dugard

7. Nicki Pedersen has 17 World Cup Grand Prix victories, which Dane has the second most.

a) Niels Kr. Iversen b) Hans Andersen c) Hans Nielsen

8. Denmark's first Par WC medal came in Borås 1973, who won silver.

a) Ole Olsen and Bent Nørregaard b) Kurt Bøgh and Jan Henningsen c) Ole Olsen and Kurt Bøgh

9. Which Dane drove for Norwich in 1952.

a) Morian Hansen b) Kiehn Berthelsen c) Arne Pander

10. How many times did Kurt W. Petersen win TOMS Gold Bar Race.

a) 6 b) 8 c) 10

11. Where did the great talent Poul Wissing lose his life in 1967.

a) Esbjerg b) Landshut c) Rostock

12. Where were ESO motorcycles manufactured.

a) Hungary b) GDR c) Czech Republic

13. Which Danish engine manufacturer / tuner is based in Varde.

a) Flemming Graversen b) Jan Holm Nielsen c) Brian Karger

14. Kenneth Hansen won World Cup silver at Langbane, who won.

a) Joonas Kylmakorpi b) Lukas Feinhage c) Kai Huckenbeck

15. Which Dane did not win a medal in Langbane.

a) Hans Nielsen b) Erik Gundersen c) Jan O. Pedersen

16. Who is the United States' only Long Distance World Champion.

a) Dennis Sigalos b) Lance King c) Shawn Moran

17. Who won the Golden Helmet in Pardubice 2020.

a) Robert Lambert b) Maciej Janowski c) Jason Doyle

18. Which world champion never won the Golden Helmet in Pardubice.

a) Ivan Mauger b) Per Jonsson c) Chris Holder

19. The first Polish world champion Jerzy Szczakiel lived in the same city all his life.

a) Katowice b) Opole c) Zielona Gora

20. Which Polish driver has won the most Team World Cup gold

a) Tomasz Gollob b) Jaroslaw Hampel c) Piotr Protasiewiecz

21. In which Polish club does the new Danish champion Anders Thomsen drive

a) Leszno b) Torun c) Gorzow  

22. How many Swedish cities have hosted Grand Prix races.

a) 5 b) 6 c) 7

23. Where - outside Europe - has there been a one-day World Cup final.

a) Sydney b) Los Angeles c) Auckland

24. Who will host the lecture tour The Fall of the Kings in 2021.

a) Svend Gehrs b) Jimmy Bøjgaard c) Ib Søby

25. Which Danish drivers have a birthday.

16.11. 1946 :

2.4. 1977 :

8.10. 1959 :

29.12. 1988 :

10.1. 1905 :

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