The speedway sausage is back

Vojens Speedway Center and Slagter Lampe have entered into a 3-year collaboration, where Slagter Lampe becomes the supplier of the Speedway sausage when guests visit the Vojens Speedway Center.

Jacob Olsen is excited about the new collaboration agreement with Slagter Lampe: “I am very proud that we found a local and reputable butcher family, as our supplier of sausages to Vojens Speedway Center. We really appreciate Slagter Lampe's support for our new project here at the center, and look forward to, together with Slagter Lampe, reintroducing the famous speedway sausages that many remember from earlier glorious times. "

Steen Lampe states: “As a local company in the area, we naturally want to support the new Vojens Speedway Center. A very exciting project with fiery souls burning for the cause. We look forward to the cooperation in the coming years and in this connection we have made a "Speedway barbecue sausage" for the occasion. The Speedway sausage is a ring rider sausage with our own spice mix, and it can be purchased in connection with events on the track, ”

Butcher Lampe is a true Southern Jutland family business, where the craftsmanship and respect for the butcher's profession since 1939 has formed the basis for some of Denmark's best sausages. Today, the 3rd generation of the butcher family Lampe with Steen Lampe is the head of the sausage factory in Haderslev, and together with the talented staff he keeps the traditions alive.

Vojens Speedway Center events in 2019:
August 10 - Speedway Euro Championship Round 3 of 4.
September 7 - Speedway Grand Prix Round 8 of 10.

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We have a lot of big events at Vojens Speedway Center. Buy tickets now and have a great experience!

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