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German speedway fans are hungry for a new world champion. One has to go back 37 years in the history books to find Egon Müller's triumph in the Nordic countries in 1983. But with Norrick Blödorn's 85cc World Cup in 2018, hopes have grown. And with the 85cc European Championship title in 2019, it was emphasized that Norrick Blödorn has the potential to go a long way. Even the 15-year-old talent looks forward to continuing his development at SES - South Jutland Elite Speedway - in 2020.

By Ib Søby

Norrick Blödorn has met the former world champion and later pop star several times. Admittedly, the charismatic Egon Müller is infinitely proud to be a living legend in German speedway, but his heir is still not found. In several interviews, Müller mentions that Norrick has the opportunity to go all the way. German class riders such as Klaus Lausch, Mirko Wolther, Christian Hefenbrock, Kai Huckenbeck and Martin Smolinski, have had great results, without being able to get stuck in the world elite.

And yes, the Germans have for years dominated the long-distance World Cup, but a classic speedway star to lift the sport, in a country with enormous potential, is missing.

That's why the look is directed at the young boy from Flintbek by Kiel.


Norrick Blödorn was born into a pure-bred speedway family. His father, Guido, has run on a serious level and his mother, Maja, is the sister of the 1997 long-distance world champion Tommy Duncker.

Norrick sat on his first motocross racer as a 3-year-old, but six years later he decided to bet on the speedway. His father knew that the German speedway environment did not have the talent to challenge the young Norrick, and instead they applied to Denmark.

That is why Skærbæk in Southern Jutland became Norrick's first club with a thriving talent work under the direction of fiery souls such as Torben Hansen and Hans Clausen. In Skærbæk, Norrick was also able to receive tips and advice from the Danish legend and NUU youth coach Erik Gundersen.

Since that time, Norrick Blödorn has not looked back. He has won the rub and stump under German youth, and in 2018 he culminated the 85cc career with the World Cup title in Polish Rybnik.

Last year, Norrick debuted as the youngest driver ever at 500cc in the German speedway Bundesliga in a match between Brockstedt and Didenberg. He played a crucial role in the spectacular race, which ended 47-47. Just a week earlier, he raced in the top-8 in front of 9,000 spectators in the North German classic
"Pentecostal" in Güstrow. It was his first two races at 500cc.

An injury put Norrick out in the summer of 2019, yet he was back in Güstrow, as mentioned, napping the 85cc European Championship title in August.


In addition to SES - Southern Jutland Elite Speedway - this year Norrick runs for Brockstedt and also takes a few races for Cloppenburg at Bremen.

His ultimate goal is to become Germany's second world champion knowing that it is obviously far off in the future. But already within a few years, Norrick Blödorn may become the youngest German senior champion and thus surpass his uncle, Tommy Duncker, who in 1987 became national champion at the age of 18.

At the same time, international settlements await in U19 and U21. It is often the period in a speedway career that shows whether the talent can carry into a professional life.

Vojens Speedway Center could become Norrick's debut course in the Danish Metal League, and it will be an important step for the young German. The North German speedway fans probably also like to drive to Southern Jutland to follow their new speedway darling.

Norrick Blödorn


June 1, 2004 in Neumünster.

Clubs 2020:

SES - Southern Jutland Elite Sport.



Selected results:

YGT champion 2018 in Polish Rybnik.

European Champion 85cc 2019.

German senior team champion with Brockstedt 2019.

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