Almost two years ago, Mikkel Michelsen triumphed at Vojens Speedway Center, and the victory became the basis for his great SEC EC title in 2019. On Wednesday, Michelsen is back, at the head of Slangerup, while SES - Sønderjylland Elite Speedway, poses with the same team as last week Esbjerg humiliated.

By Ib Søby

That Slangerup goes to Vojens with the club's absolute top name on the team card tells all about the fact that Kenni Trasborg and his troops from North Zealand have not come to Sønderjylland to study the wildlife around Haderslev Dam.

Slangerup lost a little surprisingly at home last week to Grindsted, and therefore needs a victory at Vojens Speedway Center if the club is to keep alive the hope of a home match in the upcoming Liga Cup.

The two top teams in the Metal Speedway League will - as you know - have a semi-final each, on Wednesday 26 May, and if these can be completed with the audience, it will be a welcome win for the respective club boxes.

In Vojens, of course, they also hope to host one of the two League Cup semi-finals. A victory on Wednesday over Slangerup will be a big step in the right direction.

SES Team leaders Ib Pedersen and Claus Ørts have chosen to use the same squad that last week beat Esbjerg 52-35 at Granly Arena. Klindt, Thomsen and Huckenbeck have so far met expectations, while Mads Hansen has been a positive win in the first two matches against Fjelsted and Esbjerg. The only 16-year-old Jesper Knudsen won the U21 DM semifinal in Outrup on Friday, and thus gets the D-place at Vojens Speedway Center.

The race can be seen on live stream on Wednesday 5 May at 18.45.

It is with Ib Søby and assistant national coach Henrik Møller behind the microphones.

SES - Sønderjylland Elite Speedway

B- Nicolai Klindt

A- Anders Thomsen

B- Kai Huckenbeck

C- Mads Hansen

D- Jesper Knudsen

Team leaders: Ib Pedersen and Claus Ørts

Slangerup Speedway Club

A- Mikkel Michelsen

B- Andreas Lyager

B- Rohan Tungate

C- Jonas Seifert

D- Emil Pørtner

Team leader: Kenni Trasborg

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