Come To Training & Time Driving In Vojens

The day before this year's Danish FIM World Cup Grandprix - sponsored by ECCO, the audience will have the opportunity to experience the world elite training on the track in Vojens, for the first time in five years. Thereafter, drivers race in the important time qualification, which gives first choice for the race start numbers.

Vojens Speedway Center will open its doors at 4:30 pm, Friday, September 6th. It costs DKK 100 in admission, children under 15, however, free of charge for the exclusive experience, but the management of Vojens has however decided that if you buy the large official running program - at the same price - the program applies as an entrance ticket.

- Most speedway fans would like to buy the great program anyway, so the training is actually free, says manager Helge Frimodt Pedersen, and refers to expenses on insurance, security and staff, also on Fridays.

The event ends approx. 20:00


In the free training, each rider comes 4 times in groups of 3 riders. The order of driving in the free training is determined by FIM and has nothing to do with the 2018 rankings.

The times set during the free training determine the starting order of the qualification. The slowest driver starts first and the fastest starts last.

The drivers are alone on the track to complete as many laps as possible within a minute when the referee has said go '. If they are in the middle of a lap when the checkered flag is displayed, they can still finish the lap.

None of the riders' teams must be on the inner lane during the qualification, and the riders cannot change bicycles after they have entered the course. If they cannot complete a lap due to technical problems, they will not receive more laps.

When qualifying is completed, riders will choose their starting positions for Saturday's race, with the fastest driver having the first choice and the slowest pick last.

A driver who does not participate in the qualification or does not complete the qualification is part of a lottery led by the FIM Jury President, who thus determines their starting position for the race.

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