In a soft start after the corona shutdown, the young 50cc and 85cc riders are allowed to air their motorcycles on Saturday 10-14 at the Vojens Speedway Center's junior lane. On Sunday, several of the club's SES - Southern Jutland Elite Speedway riders, plus other 500cc and 250cc riders can come into action, in closed training, on the big track.

The training capacity is filled up on Sunday, while on Saturday there are still a few vacancies.

By Ib Søby

- Of course, our members have priority, but with the youngsters, on Saturdays, we have a few places for any guest drivers with a valid license. But it's first come, first served, and there is a deadline Friday at noon, Jacob Olsen says, asking interested drivers to contact him directly on phone 23420507.

- We have taken into account all the safety measures required by NERI and the health authorities, and I would like to point out that there will be no possibility of social intercourse or, for example, bathing after the training, Jacob Olsen states and refers to the restrictions that NERI published Thursday.

There will be no public access.

NERI's restrictions can be read here.

Same number for parking and equestrian yard

Each driver must have only one mechanic / helper, and upon arrival at Vojens Speedway Center, a parking bay with a number will be allocated. That number corresponds to the space given in Ryttergården.

You enter the parking lots via Gate 12, through VIP 4 and stop at P1, behind Ryttergården.

The training is carried out by a training leader and a coronary guard who monitors compliance with the applicable rules.

See the plan over the P area at the bottom.

Exercise Tuesday and Thursday

Under the same conditions, Vojens Speedway Club and SES - Southern Jutland Elite Speedway expect to be able to conduct the weekly training evenings, starting on Tuesday 28 April and Thursday 30 April.

The training applies to both courses between 17.00 and 19.30

- Again, it is our own members who have the first place in the seats. There is registration on Monday, also like to contact me directly, says Jacob Olsen.

- I am glad that we now have the opportunity to start, even if, right here and now, it does not join the club life and the fun we are used to. But it is good that members and any guest drivers can use the lanes, and if we stand together - with distance - it may be going in the right direction in the coming time.

- Vojens Speedway Club and Vojens Speedway Center are ready and we look forward to seeing you, says Jacob Olsen

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