Photo: - DM 2021 winner Anders Thomsen (1st place), Nicki Pedersen (2nd place) and Leon Madsen (3rd place). With representatives from event sponsors Ovethi - Dæ and HusCompagniet

With 17 points and almost pure driving suit, the 27-year-old Anders Thomsen regained the Danish championship in speedway, which he brought home 252 days ago. The SES- Sønderjylland Elite Speedway rider lost in the final heat to veteran Nicki Pedersen, but by virtue of 15 points for the preliminary rounds, 2nd place in the final was enough to win back the DM title at Vojens Speedway Center.

Leon Madsen won bronze, while Kenneth Bjerre finished in fourth place outside the podium.

Around 1800 - corona-secured - audiences and thousands of TV viewers had a wonderful summer evening, where Vojens Speedway Center showed itself from the most beautiful side.

Two other SES drivers also had a great evening, but were hit by accidents. Last year's silver winner Nicolai Klindt was in a safe final place when his motorcycle set off at the start of heat 16.

The young shooting star from Skærbæk Mads Hansen was the big surprise of the evening and could also have reached the final. But in two heats he had problems with the "dead man's button" and thus lost vital points.

Anders Thomsen 15 + 2

2. Nicki Pedersen 12 + 3

3. Leon Madsen 13 + 1

4. Kenneth Bjerre 11 + 0

Nicolai Klindt 10

Mikkel Michelsen 9

7. Mads Hansen 8

Rasmus Jensen 7

Andreas Lyager 7

10. Patrick Hansen 6

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