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As the host nation, Denmark is already qualified for next Saturday's World Cup final in this year's Speedway of Nations at the Vojens Speedway Center, but which six nations the Danes will face will be decided in two semi-finals on Wednesday and Thursday, also in Vojens, where 14 nations will line up in the absolute strongest setup.

Individual world champions such as Polish Bartosz Zmarzlik, British Tai Woffinden and Australian Jason Doyle are among the profiles who will be looking for a place in the top three, in the two semi-finals, which give access to the final itself.

The international motor union FIM has now published the final team line-ups and drawn lots for the starting positions.

The Danish team will be announced at a press conference in Vojens, Wednesday 27 July at 1:30 p.m

FIM SPEEDWAY OF NATIONS SEMI-FINAL 1 – Wednesday 27 July 19.00

A – GERMANY: 1 Kai Huckenbeck ©, 2 Norick Blodorn, 3 Erik Riss. Team Manager: Herbert Rudolph.

B – POLAND: 1 Bartosz Zmarzlik ©, 2 Maciej Janowski, 3 Patryk Dudek. Team Manager: Rafal Dobrucki.

C – USA: 1 Luke Becker ©, 2 Broc Nicol, 3 Dillon Ruml. Team Manager: Steve Evans.

D – LATVIA: 1 Francis Gusts, 2 Jevgenijs Kostigovs ©, 3 Olegs Mihailovs. Team Manager: Vladimirs Ribnikovs.

E – FINLAND: 1 Timo Lahti ©, 2 Timi Salonen, 3 Jesse Mustonen. Team Manager: Peter Jansson.

F – AUSTRALIA: 1 Jason Doyle ©, 2 Max Fricke, 3 Jack Holder. Team Manager: Mark Lemon.

G – UKRAINE: 1 Marko Levishyn, 2 Stanislav Melnychuk ©, 3 Vitalii Lysak. Team Manager: Vasyl Melnychuk.

FIM SPEEDWAY OF NATIONS SEMI-FINAL 2 – Thursday 28 July at 19.00

A – CZECH REPUBLIC: 1 Vaclav Milik ©, 2 Jan Kvech, 3 Petr Chlupac. Team Manager: Zdenek Schneiderwind.

B – GREAT BRITAIN: 1 Tai Woffinden ©, 2 Robert Lambert, 3 Dan Bewley. Team Managers: Simon Stead and Oliver Allen.

C – FRANCE: 1 Dimitri Berge, 2 David Bellego ©, 3 Mathieu Tressarieu. Team Manager: Laurent Sambarrey.

D – SWEDEN: 1 Fredrik Lindgren ©, 2 Oliver Berntzon, 3 Victor Palovaara. Team Manager: Morgan Andersson.

E – ITALY: 1 Paco Castagna ©, 2 Nicolas Covatti, 3 Daniele Tessari. Team Manager: Alessandro Dalla Valle.

F – SLOVAKIA: 1 Martin Vaculik ©, 2 Jakub Valkovic, 3 Patrik Buri. Team Manager: Jakub Zliechovec.

G – SLOVENIA: 1 Matic Ivacic ©, 2 Nick Skorja, 3 Anze Grmek. Team Manager: Gregor Arnsek.

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