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The new - and double - Danish champion Anders Thomsen is back at Vojens Speedway Center on Wednesday 16 June. This applies to the semi-finals of the new cup tournament Metal League 4, where SES - Sønderjylland Elite Speedway will face Slangerup Speedway, Esbjerg Vikings and GSK Grindsted.

By Ib Søby

There will be two places for the final, where Fjelsted Speedway and Holsted Tigers. We know that the final in Metal League 4 will be completed at skt. His evening, but it is unknown which club will host. The highest scoring team gets home, and in one semifinal, Fjelsted won with 43 points.

Whether one of the four teams in Wednesday's showdown can reach over 43 points will be one of the big topics of conversation in the days leading up to the match.

In addition to the 27-year-old Anders Thomsen, SES poses with veteran Hans Andersen, and the two star shots from Skærbæk, Mads Hansen - who has just qualified for the U21 WC - and the teenager Jesper Knudsen.

SES team leader Ib Pedersen also makes his debut for the interesting young German Norick Blödorn, who is considered by many experts to be one of Germany's most promising talents of all time. Norick Blödorn just turned 17, but was in 2018 YGT world champion, and in 2019 became German senior team champion with Brockstedt.

Slangerup Speedway Klub, which spectacularly defeated SES in the regular league match in May, has Denmark's most recent individual world champion, Michael Jepsen Jensen, who won the U21 World Cup in Argentina in back in 2012, the same year he had his big breakthrough as team world champion, and winner of the Nordic Grand Prix, just in Vojens.

The North Zealanders also have the strong Australian Rohan Tungate on the team together with Andreas Lyager and Jonas Seifert, who like Mads Hansen has just redeemed a ticket to the U21 World Cup. Slangerup also makes a league debut for Silas Høgh.

On Monday morning, a couple of names were missing from the line-ups from Esbjerg Vikings and GSK Grindsted. Several matches in the foreign leagues have been moved, just as this year's first round of the SEC EM series was pushed from the weekend until Wednesday night in Polish Bydgoszcz.

Grindsted expects veteran Kenneth Bjerre to join Vojens together with Polish Adrian Cyfer, as well as Nikolaj Busk and Kevin Juhl Pedersen.

The former Danish team world champion and winner of the European Grand Prix back in 2004 Bjarne Pedersen is on the team line-up for Esbjerg Vikings, together with German Kevin Wölbert, and the two West Jutland great talents Kasper Andersen and Emil Breum.

The race starts at 19.00

Tickets from the race on June 2 - which were canceled - are valid on Wednesday.


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