SES stays at the top after a strong victory against GSK Liga

SES wins in Grindsted - Photo: John Bo Jensen

It was a difficult match for SES - Sønderjylland Elite Speedway. GSK Liga had not yet lost a home game this season. But despite the good home statistics, Kenneth Bjerre & Co. do not hold back Anders Thomsen and Kai Huckenbeck.

The home team in Grindsted showed from the start that they would definitely not break their home statistics. Until heat 12, the points were shared equally between GSK Liga and SES - Sønderjylland Elite Speedway. Anders Thomsen and Kai Huckenbeck were in hopla and scored 13 + 1 and 10 points. GSK Liga distributed the points more between the drivers, and with D-driver Kevin Juhl Pedersen who scored 9 points in the first 12 heats, they made it very difficult for the southern Jews. 

The home team was best for the remaining two heats, where they were ahead by 2 points. In heat 13 Nicolai Klindt and Mads Hansen showed who decided, and won with a 5: 1 victory in the heat. And when Anders Thomsen and Kai Huckenbeck did the same in the 14th heat, the race was closed and off with a result of 39 - 45.


GSK League 39

1. Kenneth Bjerre 9 + 1

Nikolaj Busk Jakobsen 9 + 2

3. David Bellego 7 + 1

4. Patrick Hansen 5 + 2

5. Kevin Juhl Pedersen 9 + 1

Team leader: Morten Peterson

SES Sønderjylland Elite Speedway 45

1. Nicolai Klindt 9 + 1

Anders Thomsen 15 + 2

Kai Huckenbeck 13

4. Mads Hansen 8 + 1

5. Jesper Knudsen 0

Team leader: Ib Pedersen

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