6 x Alameda Zinfadel - Vojens Speedway Center red wine


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Product description

In the number of the field is 1 pc. = 6 bottles.

The wine behind the label is a real American "Zin" - just like a Zinfandel should look and taste.
A super delicious and full-bodied red wine that sparkles in the glass with its beautiful red color.

Enjoy the appetizing scent that captures the moment the glass comes close to the sense of smell. Drink the irresistible wine and get the experience of an extremely excellent fruit taste of black cherries and dark chocolate, which is at the same time delicately seasoned with a touch of pepper and licorice. The aftertaste is also harmonious and wonderful.

It's American when it's good.

Red wine from California, USA
Size: 750 ml.
Alcohol: 13.5%
Year: 2018