Join the Vojens Speedway Center's speedway quiz about four tickets for 2020 Danish FIM Speedway Grand Prix Sponsored By ECCO, Saturday, September 12.

You got 10 questions on Saturday, 10 questions on Sunday, and 10 last questions today. The 30 replies - in total - are mailed to presse@s1w.dk latest Tuesday, April 14, at 1 p.m. 12.00. In the case of multiple answers with all 30 correct, the draw will be drawn and the winner will be announced on Tuesday, April 14 at. 19:00.

Here you also get all correct answers.

3. Round.

21. The rest club has won most Danish senior league championships.

22. What is the name of the mascot for SES - Southern Jutland Elite Speedway.

23. From which Danish city did it come? league team The fortress boys.

24. Who was the world star who in 1994/1995 ran the Danish league for Herning

25. In what year was the Danish Motor Union founded.

26. Which rider became Denmark's first European champion in the 1000-meter long track

27. Which Dane is qualified for the 1000-meter long-distance World Cup 2020 series

28. Which, e.g. Drivers have the country's largest speedway collection in Brørup

29. Nicki Pedersen has run 1015 Grand Prix heats from 2000 to 2018. How many heats has Nicki won

      a) 432 b) 399 c) 336

30. Who is currently Denmark's only World Cup Grand Prix judge

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