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Photo: Klindt Racing

From 2021, the 31-year-old Danish speedway star Nicolai Klindt will have a new home track in the Metal Speedway League. He replaces Moldow Arena in Holsted with Vojens Speedway Center.

By Ib Søby

After nine seasons in the country's most winning club, Holsted, West Jutland's Nicolai Klindt is looking for new surroundings in the Danish league.

- I have been super happy for Holsted, but at the same time feel that the time has come to try something new. The organizational set-up that Speed1Way and Vojens Speedway Center offer, and the visions that Jacob Olsen and Helge Frimodt Pedersen have with SES- Sønderjylland Elite Speedway, I am passionate about being a part of, says Nicolai Klindt on the phone from Polish Ostrow, where he this season corona-hit season runs in the second-best Polish league.

Klindt is also doing well in the best Swedish league, where his club Lejonen Gislaved is the top team.

- I was down and returning in 2017 after two ugly crashes, where I struggled with an ugly knee injury and a broken femur. Since then, I have been through a long maturation process and now feel like I am ready to tackle my second youth as a speedway rider.

- No one should be in doubt that I still have ambitions for a comeback on the Danish national team and participation in the Grand Prix series, so therefore it will be important for me to have a connection to the Danish speedway mecca, where big international races are run , states Nicolai Klindt.

In 2010, Klindt Team won the World Cup silver at Vojens Speedway Center, where the Danish national team was beaten by Poland. Also in the U21 context, Nicolai Klindt has twice won World Cup silver.

Photo: Klindt Racing

Nicolai Klindt, who was born in Varde, got his speedway upbringing in Outrup and has since been a strong league driver for several clubs in Denmark, England, Poland and Sweden.

Director Jacob Olsen from SES - Sønderjylland Elite Speedway also sees Nicolai Klindt as a distinctive profile with great potential.

- When Nicolai chooses new paths, it tells me that he still wants to develop. His professional and serious approach to the sport fits well into our goals, says Jacob Olsen.

Nicolai Klindt thus becomes a teammate with Anders Thomsen, who last week extended his contract with SES. The two will meet in Vojens for this year's individual DM final on Wednesday 30 September. Oddly enough, Nicolai and Anders each won their DM semi-finals back in August.

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