Michelsen's Breakthrough


It has long been a fact in the Danish speedway environment that Mikkel Michelsen has the talent to drive it far. On Saturday night, the 24-year-old soulmate put a thick line under his format. He got his international breakthrough with the triumph at Ovethi - Dæk.dk Third Round in Vojens.

By Ib Søby

Neither Jacob Olsen nor Helge Frimodt Pedersen had dared to hope that the opening race in the new era for Vojens Speedway Center would end with three Danes in the final. But it happened, after a fantastic nerve-wracking and intense race. Nicki Pedersen, Michael Jepsen Jensen, Polish Kacpar Woryna and Mikkel Michelsen, finally, championed the champagne and cups on the podium, as well as important points in the European Championship position, which is now fully open before the final round in Chorzow in Poland in September.

In recent times, Zealand has not been expecting speedway drivers at an absolute top level. There was legend Morian Hansen, born in Frederikssund, who became number 11 at the very first World Cup in London 1936. Later came Kiehn Berthelsen from Copenhagen and in the 60s was the great Danish star Kurt W. Petersen from Ringsted, who became European champion in 1964. Glemmes Nor should Hillerød's Michael Lohmann, who became the team world champion in 1978.

Photo: Lasse Lagoni

Slangerup and Glumsø have for a long time been the venues for Zealand's speedway talents. On August 19, 1994, Mikkel Michelsen was born in Nykøbing Falster. He had speed in the genes, as both his uncle Niels, grandfather Jørgen and father Ole, had driven speedway and motocross. That is why motorsport was an essential part of Mikkel's childhood, but it was only at the age of 6 that he tried his hand at the butchers.

Ole Michelsen had got a new job and therefore the whole family had moved north to Ølstykke, not long from the track in Slangerup. Mikkel joined and started at 50cc. In that class he won the DM in Holsted in 2003. Two years after the primary school boy moved up to 80 cc, with Ole as principal mechanic. In 2007, Mikkel Michelsen became Danish champion of 80cc. And the following year he won YGT in Skærbæk. He regained this title in Polish Rybnik in 2009. Now it was no longer a hobby, and in 2010 he debuted at 500cc, both in the 1st Division and the Slangerup Super League team.

He was quickly incorporated into the Danish national team squad and has both the U21 team World Cup silver and gold - Pardubice 2013 - on his resume. In the same year he also became Danish champion in the U 21.

Since then he has been steadily improving year after year. Ole has long since let the son be his own boss, and concentrates on his technical insulation company Danmat.

Today, Mikkel Michelsen lives primarily in Rybnik, but runs a fully professional program in the most important leagues. He has a very exciting month ahead of him, not only is he now a big favorite for a wildcard for the Danish World Cup Grandprix, Saturday 7 September, he is also ready for the Grandprix Challenge in Gorican in Croatia on August 24, at three seats for next year's World Cup series.

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