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It's this year's Christmas offer for speedway fans. 

Until 4 January, DM 2021 tickets will be sold with approx. 30 % discount. In a number of initiatives, Vojens Speedway Center has taken into account any restrictions when, in six months' time - Wednesday 9 June - the final of the individual Danish championship is to be run.

It is not more than a couple of months ago that Anders Thomsen was able to join the royal line of Danish speedway champions. It happened on a fantastic speedway evening at Vojens Speedway Center, where Thomsen triumphed in front of Nicolai Klindt and the shooting star Marcus Birkemose.

Photo: Lasse Lagoni

With only 300 spectators, Speed1Way as organizer had a significant financial loss, which is why the Danish Motor Union has awarded Vojens the upcoming final for 2021.

- In half a year, we will hopefully have a completely different situation around Covid-19, but we are working on a secure set up for the upcoming DM final, where there may still be certain restrictions, says manager Helge Frimodt Pedersen from Speed1Way.

The final can be completed with a utilization of 25 % of the total spectator capacity at Vojens Speedway Center. 

The stands around the track will be divided into sectors with their own guards, toilet facilities and stalls. 

If the spectators have to sit down, everyone will be given a festival chair.

There will be optional - unnumbered - seats in the stands.

- With this favorable Christmas offer, we want to send a signal to Danish and foreign speedway fans that we are doing everything in our power to create the upcoming speedway season. Should it turn out that we have to reduce the number of spectators, we will use the "first come, first served" principle to select the tickets that will apply, says Helge Frimodt Pedersen.

Tickets for the DM final 2021 can be purchased at this link from 1 December at 10.00: 


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