After very careful consideration, the Metal Speedway League Association has now decided that "the race has been run for this year".

In other words - no league speedway will be run on Danish soil in 2020.

This is partly due to the following reasons:

  • We are up against a Covid-19 infection rate throughout Denmark that no longer gives cause for optimism.
  • In addition, as an association, we would like to support the authorities' fight to get rid of the infection and thus perhaps look forward to better times.
  • If you were to drive, it would only be a single race and virtually without spectators - namely the 2020 championship.
  • The weather in DK is a factor that is not to be joked about at this time of year and the risk of cancellation and another disappointment is, in the association's assessment, far too great.
  • The association has always put an audience figure on min. 1,000 spectators, to be able to make it financially cohesive. This has not changed.
  • Last but not least, the association agrees that it is now time to "forget 2020" and instead begin preparations for the 2021 season, which

everyone hopes can have a significantly more normal course than this season.

Finally, the Metal Speedway League Association would like to thank the association's fans, but certainly also the individual company's fans, sponsors, drivers, partners.

of all kinds, officials and the general public, for the long patience as well as the support and backing we have through this awful non elite speedway season,

has felt from all sides, around the association's ongoing and extremely difficult decisions.

With best regards

Annette Vesterskov

DSL Chairman

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