HusCompagniet supports DM Speedway

Photo: Søren Haugard from HusCompagniet and Jacob Olsen at Vojens Speedway Center

When Nicki Pedersen, Leon Madsen, and the reigning Danish champion Anders Thomsen, have to compete over who enters the royal line of Danish speedway champions, it will be with solid support from HusCompagniet. The nationwide construction company has just entered into a sponsorship agreement for the prestigious DM final, Wednesday 9 June, at Vojens Speedway Center.

By Ib Søby

For forty years, HusCompagniet has established itself as one of Northern Europe's largest house builders. With climate-friendly sustainability and precise timing, HusCompagniet builds around 1,600 unique homes annually, from the idea phase to the day the key is handed over.

- In some cases, the customer wants an older house demolished to, for the same reason, build a new house according to their own wishes and requirements. Vojens Speedway Center is re-emerging as Denmark's National Speedway Arena, and this creates some parallels to our work, says operations director Søren Haugaard from HusCompagniet.

- We can also identify with the values that Jacob Olsen and Speed1Way stand for, in the efforts to give Danish speedway the attention and attention that the sport deserves, and which it had in the past with i.a. Ole Olsen, Erik Gundersen and Hans Nielsen, says Søren Haugaard, and continues:

- Speedway is not only a Jutlandic phenomenon, and a DM final brings together drivers, fans and TV viewers from all over Denmark. We build houses in all areas and nooks, so therefore the Danish championship is interesting for us.

Director of Speed1Way, Jacob Olsen, is proud of the new collaboration.

- It is fantastic that a large and reputable company like HusCompagniet, now goes in and supports our sport. It is an uplifting backlash when you also consider that the Danish speedway has almost been underwhelmed for over 14 months.

- With the audience back at Vojens Speedway Center, this year's DM final will be a party night, for drivers, fans and partners, and of course the many thousands who follow the live transmission on TV2 Sport, says Jacob Olsen.

In 2020, Anders Thomsen became Danish champion on a semi-cold September evening, where only 300 spectators were admitted. Therefore, the Danish Motor Union has chosen that Vojens Speedway Center repeats the hosting.

The agreement with HusCompagniet applies to this year's DM final.      

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