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General meeting moved to 24 February

It is, of course, the government's assembly ban that postpones the annual general meeting of Vojens Speedway Klub. In a New Year's greeting, Jacob Olsen encourages both the current - and preferably new members - to pay a membership fee for 2021.

- It is no secret that our club box is somewhat sluggish after 2020 where we, thanks to the members' great efforts, had many good activities and training evenings underway despite various corona restrictions, says Jacob Olsen with a loving encouragement to pay and renews its membership.

For technical reasons must all memberships are renewed at New Year, and this can be done easily and quickly at the link below to the Danish Motor Union.

There are two categories:

1. Driver's license or D, S, TT, TK license. 520 kr.

    This also applies to parents of drivers under 18 years of age.

2. Support member and G-license. 150 kr.

    For officials and helpers on race and training evenings. 

- We are proud of the growth and progress we have had the last two years, and we also believe that it is possible to achieve our ambition of 200 members during 2021, says Jacob Olsen and also refers to a brand new app from Denmark Motor Union.

- NERI has developed an app for the phone, where everyone can have their license lying around, rather than a physical membership card that you can often have forgotten, or been smoked with a trip in the washing machine, says Jacob Olsen.

A support membership is also a good and easy opportunity to get close to the vibrant environment in Vojens Speedway Klub.

- Our support members can both be a financial support, but you can also get many functions in the club, and become an important part of events, races and training.

About memberships:


Registration and payment:


About NERI App:


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