Danish speedway gasses up


The ambitions are great in the Metal Speedway League, which with a new board will put coal on the development. A wide range of competencies are gathered to increase the league's visibility and attractiveness.

Metal Speedway League Board:
Jørgen Bitsch, Rudi Steen Hansen, Jacob Olsen, Lars Guldager Dyhr, Henrik Juul, Joachim Hoxha Nielsen and Søren Andersen

When the best crews in the Metal Speedway League cross blades, it is with Danish star names like Nicki Pedersen, Anders Thomsen, Mikkel Michelsen, Niels-Kristian Iversen and many others at the starting line. In other words, they are drivers from the absolute world elite, and even though the Danish league is among the toughest in the world, there are great ambitions for continued development.

This is expressed in a new board, where the elite companies and NERI (Danish Motor Union) together with strong, external forces are given the task of defining the league's future expression.

- We have a really exciting task ahead of us, where it is about showing how fantastic a sport and spectator experience we have in the Danish speedway, which is filled with speed, excitement and not least talent. The eight elite companies behind the teams have a desire to raise the level, and we can see great opportunities because there is a solid foundation to build on. That is why we have assembled a new board with selected people who can help to lift things further, and we will not hide that we have great ambitions, says Jørgen Bitsch, chairman of NERI, who has also been appointed chairman of the new board. and the Metal Speedway League. Here he is joined by Rudi Steen Hansen, who is chairman of the Speedway Commission under NERI and by two directors from the league companies, namely Jacob Olsen, Sønderjylland Elite Speedway and Lars Guldager Dyhr, Esbjerg Vikings. They will receive competent input from three more board members in the form of Henrik Juul, partner at Wibroe, Duckert & Partners, Joachim Hoxha Nielsen, film director at Idefilm and Søren Andersen, press and communications manager at Danske Spil. The latter three are carefully selected because of competencies outside of the speedway sport that they look forward to bringing into play.

- There is a very large potential in this sport, which we can help to unleash, and it goes without saying that there are some significant commercial opportunities. We can feel the exciting level of ambition from the whole league, and of course it gives blood on the tooth. We want to look at all aspects where there is opportunity to develop, and it is very much about increasing the visibility and attractiveness of a sport that is absolutely fantastic both on TV and live. We want to make sure that even more people discover this, says Henrik Juul, Joachim Hoxha Nielsen and Søren Andersen, who complete the new board for the Metal Speedway League.


Jørgen Bitsch

Chairman of NERI and the new board of the Metal Speedway League.

Rudi Steen Hansen

Chairman of the Speedway Commission under NERI and factory manager Easy Foods. Former chairman and team leader Holsted Tigers.

Jacob Olsen

Director, Vojens Speedway Center / Sønderjylland Elite Sport. Former driver and national coach in speedway.

Lars Guldager Dyhr

Director, Esbjerg Vikings and owner of the communications agency Dyhr Media. Former press manager in Esbjerg fB.

Henrik Juul

Partner at Wibroe, Duckert & Partner.

Joachim Hoxha Nielsen

Film director, Idea film. Formerly an active speedway driver.

Søren Andersen

Communications and press manager at Danske Spil. Former special adviser at the Ministry of the Environment and Food, press officer at Agriculture & Food, press adviser at the Social Democrats and journalist, DR.

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