Denmark's first three WC opponents have been found - fantastic Finland surprises 


When Denmark on Saturday at 19:00 will run the WC final at Vojens Speedway Center, it will be against Australia, Finland and Poland. Tomorrow the second semi-final will be run, where the last three opponents for the final must be found. 

The first race of this year's FIM Speedway of Nations was run tonight. A windy evening with lots of speed, overtaking and action. Several times the audience had to get up from their seats in excitement. 

Despite a very good race track, the Poles still ran into problems and had to run qualifying heats against Germany to secure a place in the final and the hope of a World Cup title. 

Another big surprise was Finland's excellent performance. With a whopping 34 points, they came close to going through as the day's winners, but Australia, with former world champion Jason Doyle, picked up 35 points. 

You can buy tickets for the second race of the year Hold WC – FIM Speedway of Nations at

The position: 

  1. Australia – 35 pts. (proceeds to the final) 
  1. Finland – 34 pts. (proceeds to the final) 
  1. Poland – 31 pts. (proceeds to the final) 
  1. Germany – 30 pts. 
  1. USA – 25 pts. 
  1. Ukraine – 18 pts. 
  1. Latvia – 16 pts. 

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