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Wheelchair users and disabled people with companions should have an easier time getting to the race at Vojens Speedway Center. In a new collaboration, Brian Holmberg from Funen will act as an ambassador for fans with physical disabilities.

By Ib Søby

Parking in one place, and buying tickets in a completely different place, combined with a long way to toilets and stalls. These are some of the stadium experiences that most people do not consider a problem.

You just make sure you arrive in good time.

But, with a physical disability, it is suddenly a completely different challenge that awaits. So even a small walk in the gravel at Vojens Speedway Center, or finding a good place on the embankment, can become something of an ordeal.

Perhaps it can be a good solution to have a companion with you, but what should the ticket cost for a companion who may not be interested in speedway at all?

Recognizing that the conditions for disabled people are not good enough at Vojens Speedway Center, Jacob Olsen and Christina Thomas Lassen from Speed1Way have had a meeting with 49-year-old Brian Holmberg from Brenderup.

- We have long been in dialogue with Haderslev Municipality about improvements, and therefore it was really nice to have a good chat and an agreement with Brian Holmberg, says Jacob Olsen.

After some experiences at this summer's Speedway of Nation, Brian Holmberg himself contacted Speed1Way and pointed out some shortcomings.

- Yes, for my own part, I found out that it is problematic to have to park behind the old tribune, and then have to buy tickets at the main entrance, says Brian Holmberg, who is happy about the role he now gets.

- We have to be just on the other side of the WC Grand Prix and the DM super final on September 21, before there is really time to go through things, because we also have to have Haderslev Municipality on the field, says Brian Holmberg, who works on flexible hours , after he was severely affected by arthritis seven years ago, and who on his better days can manage with a walker.

- Right now, I would encourage you to buy and print your tickets in advance, and then arrive in good time if you want to go to the Grand Prix and DM final.

- Sadly, there are also people who park with fake disabled parking plates, which should have stopped with the help of the guards, states Brian Holmberg, who is also deputy chairman of Team Fjelsted's official supporters club Leoparderne.       

Brian Holmberg

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