Vojens Speedway Center Unzips the track

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For speedway fans, it's Christmas Eve tonight. Minute by minute, the excitement of who is going to win this year's Danish World Cup Grandprix rises. And it will be a sporty "Christmas Eve" on a beautiful late summer day in September.

By Ib Søby

At 10am, Jacob and Ole Olsen began the process of removing the track's specially made track cover, which has protected the 300 legendary meters since Monday morning.

The track cover has ensured that the international jury, led by Polish Piotr Szymanski and English Phil Morris, is confident that tonight the track will offer world-class speedway. They chose Friday to cancel the normal training and time qualification, precisely to protect the field.

The Official Start List:

1. Matej Zagar, Slovenia

2. Tai Woffinden, England

3. Janusz Kolodziej, Poland

4. Maciej Janowski, Poland

5. Antonio Lindbäck, Sweden

6. Leon Madsen, Denmark

7. Robert Lambert, England

8. Bartosz Zmarzlik, Poland

9. Mikkel Michelsen, Denmark

10. Niels Kr. Iversen, Denmark

11. Martin Vaculik, Slovakia

12. Frederik Lindgren, Sweden

13. Jason Doyle, Australia

14. Emil Saytfudinov, Russia

15. Patryk Dudek, Poland

16. Artem Laguta, Russia


17. Michael Jepsen Jensen, Denmark

18. Anders Thomsen, Denmark