Terms & Conditions

§1 - Purpose

The purpose of these terms and conditions is to maintain the good atmosphere at Vojens Speedway Center and ensure that everyone who visits Vojens Speedway Center can continue to feel safe and happy both before, during and after their stay and to ensure that there is room for everyone regardless appearance, religion and cultural background.
Vojens Speedway Center is primarily used for running races in the Danish Speedway League, as well as for major international and World Cup events or for events of a non-sporting nature. In addition, Vojens Speedway Club runs races on the system's 2 courses (500cc & Micro 80cc). These terms and conditions apply to all events held at Vojens Speedway Center.

§2 - Scope of application

Terms and conditions apply to the entire Vojens Speedway Center area incl. entrances and exits as well as parking spaces available to the public at all events at Vojens Speedway Center. These terms and conditions also include applicable rules in the event of postponement or cancellation of events.

§3 - Rules of residence

In the area of Vojens Speedway Center, only persons who hold tickets or admission tickets or can otherwise prove that they are eligible to stay in the area. Tickets, admission tickets or similar. must be presented to inspectors and / or police on request. Vojens Speedway Center has the right at any time to deprive access cards or other proof of access if they feel it is necessary.
Spectators must occupy the space indicated on the ticket. However, for safety reasons, Vojens Speedway Center guests are required to occupy other seats than indicated on the ticket, if this is indicated.
Visitors must not exhibit unacceptable behavior that is detrimental or harmful to others or otherwise endangers others.

Vojens Speedway Center's guests are obliged at all times to comply with the applicable rules and also follow instructions which may be given over Vojens Speedway Center's speaker system and / or by Vojens Speedway Center's staff, officials, inspectors, rescue services, police and fire departments .
Staying at Vojens Speedway Center is not allowed for visibly severely affected persons.

§4 - Entrance check

All visitors are required to present a ticket or voucher at the entrance and, upon request, provide this for further inspection.

Vojens Speedway Center's inspectors have the right to investigate whether guests pose a security risk due to alcohol or drug effects or whether they carry weapons or other dangerous and flammable items. The study can be done using technical aids.

Do not bring the following items at Vojens Speedway Center:

Weapons of all kinds

  • Objects that can be used as weapons or firearms
  • Spray cans with gas, corrosive and staining substance
  • Bottles, mugs, mugs or cans made of materials that can break or shatter
  • Objects that fill a lot (however, folding chairs and other light chairs are allowed)
  • Fireworks, light rockets, Roman lights or other pyrotechnic objects
  • Flags or transparencies longer than 1.50 m and confetti tubes and creper rolls containing confetti
  • Food and drinks
  • Animals
  • laser Pen
  • Documents, drawings, symbols or flags of an ideological or advertising nature, as well as objects which serve for commercial purposes and which can be viewed by others or brought with a view to distribution among other guests visitors
  • Racist or Nazi propaganda material

The list is not exhaustive.

It is also prohibited for guests of Vojens Speedway Center:

  • to climb onto or above buildings and fixtures - including facades, fences, walls, fencing of the playing field, fences, lighting systems, camera platforms, trees, masts of all kinds and roofs that are not intended for general use and to enter areas that are not for public use is allowed for visitors - for example, the safety zone around the speedway or the speedway itself
  • to throw with objects that may endanger others
  • to light a fire, fire fireworks, light rockets or other pyrotechnic objects
  • to sell goods or tickets, distribute printed matter and conduct collections without prior permission
  • to write, paint, stick or hang something on buildings, interiors and advertising signs
  • to carry out emergency transport outside toilets or waste
  • to provoke others into hatred or violence against impartial, opponents or other persons
  • to carry or openly carry signs and symbols of a racial or violent nature and to shout or sing songs with this content
  • to record live images or audio from any location at the Vojens Speedway Center or to pass on information from the event, regardless of the procedure

The list is not exhaustive.

For reasons of fire safety, Vojens Speedway Center guests are also prohibited from bringing and / or hanging banners that have not been approved by Vojens Speedway Center's security manager prior to the event.

Persons who do not hold a certificate of entry or who are considered to be a security risk or have been granted a quarantine will be expelled. Disapproved guests are not entitled to have their ticket refunded.

§5 - Smoking

Smoking is prohibited in all indoor locations at Vojens Speedway Center. The smoking ban covers all indoor areas that Vojens Speedway Center guests have access to, including toilets.

§6 - Liability for damages

All access, traffic and stay at Vojens Speedway Center is at the visitor's own risk. Vojens Speedway Center is not responsible for personal or property damage as a result of accidents or other visitors' actions or omissions.

If vandalism is exercised on the Vojens Speedway Center property or otherwise, a behavior that causes a loss to the Vojens Speedway Center and / or its partners, including conduct resulting in the imposition of fines and / or penalties for the Vojens Speedway Center and / or its partners, is reserved. Vojens Speedway Center reserves the right to hold the person personally liable for the loss.

§7 - Special charges

Guests who rush or attempt to force the fence around the Vojens Speedway Center and / or otherwise obtain or attempt to gain access to the Center, including the lanes, will be charged a $ 10,000.00 charge due immediately.

Guests using fireworks, light rockets, Roman candles or other pyrotechnic items will be charged a fee of DKK 4,000.00, due immediately.

Payment of the above fees does not preclude the application of other penalties.

§8 - Violation of terms and conditions

Guests who violate the terms and conditions may be expelled and prohibited from appearing in the Vojens Speedway Center area.

If a violation triggers reasoned suspicion of a criminal offense, police report will be made.

Quarantine may be issued from the Vojens Speedway Center or any other event associated with the Vojens Speedway Center wherever the event is conducted, in the event of violations occurring at or near the Vojens Speedway Center, such as in parking lots, at entrances and exits, and roads and sidewalks located in connection with Vojens Speedway Center area or by violent acts made another place where cohesion with Vojens Speedway Center can be drawn.

The inspectors are entitled to expel groups of persons if the violation cannot be assigned to a single person and the violation is otherwise characteristic of the whole group's behavior.

§9 - Postponement or cancellation of event and Force majeure

By postponing an event that has not yet begun, tickets can be exchanged for the new date. If a new event date is not found, tickets can be refunded at full price, excluding fees charged upon purchase. In case of strike, lockout, flood, fire, epidemic, war, revolution, civilian resurrection or other factors beyond the control of the organizer, no refunds will be given for tickets or other expenses that may have been involved in the event, such as travel expenses or accommodations . It will only be a matter of completing the event on a new date.

§10 - Cancellation of a race event

In the event an event is started but is canceled because it cannot be carried out due to weather / course conditions, the following applies: If it is a national, international or World Cup event and at least 50% of the programmed heats have not been run , the ticket is valid for the new expiration date, but under no circumstances will the ticket be refunded, nor any other expenses incurred in attending the event. The new expiration date will be attempted the day after or at the latest within 14 days. If it is a World Cup team event and the 15th heat is completed or a Grand Prix event and the 16th heat is completed and the remaining heats cannot be completed, the then position will be considered the result and the race as completed.

It will at all times be the ticket that is evidence of a refund or exchange / entry sign for a new race. It is the responsibility of the ticket holder to keep the ticket properly.

§11 - Image and sound recording:

Vojens Speedway Center and their partners reserve the right to use footage with motifs and sound of authentic or set-up situations with all participants in a marketing context free of charge.

Pictures, audio and video recordings are used for publicity and marketing of our races and events.

It is not permitted to use our images, sound and video recordings. If you wish to use some of our images, sound or video recordings, please contact Jacob Olsen - jo@s1w.dk about permission of the right of use on the individual medium.