Speedway on Landevejen

Motorists, cyclists and pedestrians throughout Denmark will soon be able to see a rolling advertisement for Vojens Speedway Center. In an untraditional agreement with the transport company AutoBude A / S, a truck trailer will drive about 100,000 kilometers a year with a large speedway photo and the logo for Denmark's National Speedway Arena.

By Ib Søby

In speedway-loving Poland, it is not uncommon to see buses and trams in cities like Bydgoszcz, Wroclaw and Zielona Gora adorned with logos and portraits of the nation's speedway stars.

Now it is also happening in Denmark.

The agreement between AutoBude A / S and Speed1Way is valid for three years.

- It is a fun and different way to create marketing, and we believe that the sight of the truck trailer will help to place Vojens Speedway Center in the consciousness of many Danes, says manager Helge Frimodt Pedersen from Speed1Way.

The idea arose in connection with some negotiations between Speed1Way and AutoBude A / S, and this is not the first time that the well-known transport company supports the speedway sport.

- We have sponsored a few drivers, and in general I am very fascinated by the proximity and unity of speedway sports, says Brian Pedersen, who is director and owner of AutoBude A / S.

- We have also had other customers who have felt an effect by having their logo on our trailers, so it was obvious to offer such a scheme to Vojens Speedway Center, says Brian Pedersen.

AutoBude A / S was founded in 1950 in Vejle, and Brian Pedersen has run the company since 1996. Today, AutoBude is domiciled in Hedensted and has a branch in Greve south of Copenhagen.

The large speedway photo, which is now being driven around Denmark, was taken by photographer Frank Cilius. It is from heat number 18 at this year's individual DM final, where Anders Thomsen leads in front of Nicolai Klindt, Patrick Hansen and Mads Hansen.

The large trailer will also be on view at the VIP lounge during Wednesday's Hold DM Superfinale before rolling out on the road.

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