In his annual Christmas greeting, Jacob Olsen looks forward to 2022, when several new shifts will characterize the Danish and international speedway.

With the omikron variant in explosive spread, Denmark and the rest of the globe are once again holding a Christmas and New Year week with numerous restrictions. Actually, we are heading into year 3 with the worldwide pandemic.

But with vaccines and good test facilities, I think we can afford to hope for a new speedway season when winter sets in. Hopefully a full and normal season where each team has seven away and home matches before the decisive medal showdown.

But 2022 heralds several significant shifts:

A very big thank you to Dansk Metal, which for a number of years has been a crucial support and sponsor of the best Danish league.

Also a thank you to BSI / IMG in London, which has run the Grand Prix series and Hold the World Cup for 20 years. After a fantastic job, BSI / IMG has now handed over the reins to American Discovery - and it will be very exciting to follow the initiatives that Francois Ribeiro and his staff will take to spread and raise the speedway sport internationally.

The year also brought changes in our municipality.

Mayor HP Geil resigned after a number of years as first man in Haderslev.

He has been an incredible dynamo in the collaboration with the municipality.

At the same time, I would like to warmly welcome the new city council and mayor Mads Skau to lead our area for the next four years.

In the last few months, Helge Frimodt and I have visited many of our sponsors and partners. We have felt a great and faithful support, which strengthens our efforts to make Vojens Speedway Center one of the focal points for the development of Danish speedway.

That SES - Sønderjylland Elite Speedway won the cup tournament and took the DM silver in the team's very first season, has of course been very conducive to the good conversations with all our partners.

Thanks to the drivers and team management who performed a historic feat.

Thank you also for an excellent collaboration with NERI and the League Association's new board.

Vojens Speedway Klub's many members and supporters must of course have a warm Christmas greeting. The same goes for our daily staff, who work hard to maintain the stadium and facilities.

The press and TV2 Sport, together with our own speaker group and stream producer Allan Rokkedal, have increased awareness of the SES team and Vojens Speedway Center.

Now the Christmas peace may subside as we look forward to next year.

A year with a new beginning.

With loving speedway greetings, I wish a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone in Danish speedway.

Jacob Olsen.

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