A fantastic Danish evening

Mikkel Michelsen

Mikkel Michelsen wins 3rd round of SEC 2021 - Photo: Lasse Lagoni

The Danish men's national football team won the quarterfinals of the European Championship over the Czech Republic, and will now face England at Wembley Stadium on July 7, 2021. The football match was watched by a very large part of the Danish population - but around the beginning of the second half, started 3. round of the European Championships in speedway where Danish Mikkel Michelsen won.

We can not escape the fact that the Danish national football team means a lot to us Danes and the Danish media. But even though the focus yesterday was primarily on them, we must not forget a fantastic Danish performance in Gdańsk by Mikkel Michelsen and Leon Madsen, during the 3rd round of the Speedway Euro Championship. 

The two Danes managed to get on the podium, with a 1st and 2nd place to Mikkel Michelsen and Leon Madsen respectively. The final heat consisted of the two Danes, and the British Daniel Bewley and Robert Lambert, where Bewley took the last podium place. 

In the overall standings, Mikkel Michelsen is in 1st place with 39 points and Leon Madsen in 3rd place with 37 points. Polish Piotr Pawlicki shares 1st place with Michelsen with 39 points. Patrick Hansen got 4 points and is in 13th place with 13 points. Nicki Pedersen had to retire due to a knee injury, and is in 16th place overall with 6 points. 

The fourth and final round of the Speedway Euro Championship will be run on Saturday, July 10, 2021 in Rybnik at. 19:00. 

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Overall SEC position

1 - M. Michelsen #155: 39

2 - P. Pawlicki #777: 39

3 - L. Madsen #30: 37

4 - P. Dudek #692: 33

5 - D. Bewley #99: 31

6 - R. Lambert #505: 26

7 - B. Smektała #115: 25

8 - K. Huckenbeck #744: 23

9 - S. Logachev #111: 20

10 - V. Milik #225: 20

11 - A. Lebedevs #129: 18

12 - J. Thorssell #24: 18

13 - P. Hansen #124: 13

14 - W. Tarasenko: 11

15 - T. Lahti #98: 10

16 - N. Pedersen #110: 6

17 - K. Pieszczek: 5

18 - B. Ernst: 3

19 - L. Baumann: 1

20 - A. Szczotka: 0

21 - P. Gryszpiński: 0

22 - M. Niedermeier: 0

23 - W. Przyjemski: 0

24 - D. Bellego #415: 0

25 - M. Tonder: 0

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