Andreas Jonsson Quits

The 38-year-old Swedish world star has long dealt with minor injuries. Last Sunday he ran his last race for Lublin in Poland. In both 2009 and 2014, Jonsson won the Nordic VM Grandprix in Vojens, and was long regarded as the heir to legend Tony Rickardsson.

By Ib Søby

- I have struggled hard this season and it has been strenuous in relation to my body. I'm not in the league playoffs, so my season and my entire career stops here, "Andreas Jonsson told Swedish TV.

- It's been fine lately. But there have been many mornings where I have had difficulty getting out of bed. Now I'm going to have a long break, Jonsson elaborates.

However, the mayor's son from Hallstavik will not rule out returning to the speedway in a different role.

- It's absolutely conceivable. I've been running the speedway since I was 13, and maybe I can come up with something in the future, Jonsson tells SVT. He lives north of Stockholm with Frida and their two boys Vincent and Loui.


Andreas Karl Rune Jonsson turns 39 next week. Despite not reaching the World Cup titles such as Over Fundin or Tony Rickardsson, he is still one of Sweden's most successful speedway drivers of all time.

Jonsson became Swedish champion all seven times individually and four times on teams - Dackarna and Rospiggarna. He ran 158 Grand Prix races and won silver in 2011.

In total, he became 9 grandprix victories, and three times he has been the team world champion with Sweden. Back in 2007, Andreas Jonsson won the German Grandprix at Arena auf Schalke in Gelsenkirchen. It was history's grand prize number 100, and the prize was $ 100,000 - $ 750,000 - which is why the final was called; "The richest minute in speedway sports".

Gense the final here - from before the HD era - with Jacob Olsen and Ib Søby behind the microphones.

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